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Duluth Edison Charter Schools
 Junior Academy Math @ North Star Academy
Most people are held back not by their innate ability, but by their mindset.  They think intelligence is fixed, but it isn’t.  Your brain is like a muscle. The more you use it and struggle, the more it grows.  New research shows we can take control of our ability to learn. We can all become better learners. We just need to build our brains in the right way.  The math department in the Junior Academy is built around this philosophy.  Read below for additional information on how we implement this idea into our practice.
SBL Flowchart
Standards Based Learning
  • Student friendly learning environment
  • Clearly defined learning targets that align directly with MN math standards
  • Framework for teacher to provide meaningful feedback about each students level of mastery on each learning target
  • Teachers and Students work collaboratively to set learning goals
  • Progress towards these goals is measured and monitored throughout the school year
  • Students are allowed and encouraged to continue to work towards mastery and may practice and retake assessments in this process
Blended Learning
Khan Academy
Free, online math resource that empowers students to learn at their own pace, both inside and outside of the classroom
  •  Practice and Instruction tailored to each students unique development needs in math
  • Thousands of practice problems and instructional videos available
  • Teachers and students can monitor their learning progress through an electronic dashboard 
  • Used in all Junior Academy math classes to practice previously learned skills and improve operational fluency
  • Teachers facilitate student progress and act as the coach, intervening when a student needs additional assistance

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