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Duluth Edison Charter Schools
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Celebrating our Students

2017 National History Day Regional Qualifiers


Per Johnson

Abigail Oestreich

Madelynn Olsen

Ellie Szukis

Riley Menze and Morgan Alborn

Haakon Pilaja and Kale Engen

Ellie Kuchar and Alexis Johnson

Parker Tewes, Quinn Gohde, and Anna Richards

Kyla Williams and Tessa Boyson

Ava Miller, Evelyn Smith and Riley Allen


Issac Fink

Morgan Petersen

Nathaniel Barcelona

Holland Venhuizen

Isaac Fuchs

Karl Thorson and Eriq Winn

Grace Marshik and Claire Barlass


Kasey Meneghini

Caroline Bastin

Katey Saburn

Maria Rennquist ad Hailie Spurrier

Elsa Mead and Wrenn Jarvis


Aiden Fitzpatrick

Lily Anderson

Emma Jordan


Kylie Richards and Harley Wehseler

Jacob Atkins, Cyrus Sparhawk, Anders Wakefield and Jonathan Andresen