Duluth Edison Charter Schools
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  • *Please note, the picture above is a generic photo and not what the actual building will look like.


    To see the building plan, click below.

    High School Building Plan


    To see the building site plan, click below.

    High School Site Plan

New High School Facility

  • A new building for the high school will be built by Pacific Companies, Pacific Companies is an Idaho based company that build charter schools and multi family housing.  They have purchased the Snowflake site adjunct to our current North Star Academy.  The DPSA Board is now working with this company which will build the new facility.  The DPSA Board will lease from Pacific Companies.  The architectural firm and other companies involved in the building are Duluth and Minnesota based. 

    DPSA Board Approves New Building Plan
    • At their December meeting, the DPSA Board approved a building plan for our new grades 8-12 building scheduled to open in the fall of 2017. 
    • The technology rich building will have a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) focus on the second floor. 
    • It also includes a cafeteria/auditorium area that will seat up to 500 for musical and theater performances. 
    • Choir and band will be key focuses of our program. 
    DPSA Board Approves Site Plan
    •  At a special meeting on February 4, 2016, the DPSA Board of Directors approved a schematic design concept site plan for our new grades 8-12 building.  Planning will now move forward with city and county governance bodies as we move toward our fall 2017 opening date.