Duluth Edison Charter Schools

DPSA High School Overview 

Duluth Edison Charter Schools is dedicated to the achievement of academic and personal excellence for every student.

To fulfill this vision our high school program will:

1)  Offer a student advisory with the same teacher for all four years creating a strong connection between each student and at least one adult.  This is where students will develop their college/career ready work plan as part of the state’s focus on the World’s Best Work Force.  


2)  Adopt DPSA’s school wide PBIS focus of being safe, kind and responsible as well as our shared core values -- wisdom, justice, courage, compassion, hope, respect, integrity and responsibility to shape our school culture.


3)  Address the needs of the “whole” student by meeting required Minnesota graduation standards and offering a rich arts program that includes music and visual arts.


4) Provide students with differentiated learning opportunities that allow mastery of required standards  for students interested in post-secondary education or career training to better prepare them for the rigor and demands of continued learning. Blended learning options will be a key component of this focus.


5)  Offer a variety of after school programs or extra curricular options that include sports (beginning with Junior Varsity teams), speech, theater, music, and more as student interests dictate.  


6)  Utilize a multi tiered level of supports framework to assist students with academic or behavioral needs.

7)   Utilize digital and telecommunication technologies to enable collaborative learning with national and international colleges, universities and businesses related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).