Duluth Edison Charter Schools

Join Us in Planning for the High School

  • A variety of opportunities for students and their caregivers to provide input into planning for various areas of the new high school will be available throughout the process.

    We are also looking for volunteers for the following work groups related to high school planning.  If you are interested in serving, please email the identified person with your contact information and why you’d like to be on the working group.  We do need to state that all who volunteer may not be able to be on the working group (because they need to be manageable sizes), but we will have many opportunities for DECS family input over the next year as we further our new building programming.  These working groups likely will meet once or twice a month for the next six to eight months with small work assignments between meetings.  

    Working groups that we currently need volunteers for are:

    • Non Athletic Extra Curriculars -- Designing a  plan for activities like robotics, music, and theater competitions, Knowledge Bowl, etc.  Email Bonnie.Jorgenson@duluthedison.com to volunteer.
    • Athletics -- The current plan is to minimally continue all the sports our Junior Academy offers in our high school.  Planning for this and possibly more over a five year time period will be the task of this group.  
    • Uniforms or Dress Code -- This group will develop a proposed dress code or uniform policy for the new building.  Email Danielle.Perich@duluthedison.com to volunteer for either of these groups.

    Additional opportunities related to the academic program will become available later in the process.  Proposals are currently being worked out on a staff level.