Duluth Edison Charter Schools

2016 Boys Soccer Wrap Up

The boys soccer program had a great season.  The 6th-7th grade team participated in three tournaments this fall.  While the majority of our 6th-7th grade players were new to the sport, we played against competitive clubs from the Cities, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.  The team finished with 1-win and 8-losses. However, they made huge individual and team progress over the course of the season.  Their participation and progress this season will pay dividends next year as many move on to the 8th grade team.

The 8th grade team had their most successful season in program history.  The boys were committed to the soccer program and met our behavioral and academic expectations throughout the season.  During the regular season they finished with 6-wins and 1-loss and entered the playoffs as the #2 seed.  In playoffs, the boys advanced to the final four and won the league championship.  They won the championship game 4-0. They also competed in a soccer tournament in Blaine, MN and played against competitive teams from around the Midwest.  They finished the tournament with 2-wins and lost-1.

Overall, the boys soccer program had a very successful season.  They represented the school in a positive, respectful manner. Additionally, they showcased to other programs around the area that they have learned the value of teamwork. Ryan, Nate and I are very proud of the boys.


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